Sunday, April 11, 2010's been awhile and much has happened....
Adriann did great without dialysis her kidneys are functioning at over 30% and for her that's a miracle..they can hold their own that way for awhile.
She wanted to return to AZ in the worst way and I would say she was pining for it.
We had her stay until we thought she was more prepared to take over K.'s care full time!
Soooooooooooo to our sorrow and yet to our relief that she was well enough to go... I took her and K. back 2 weeks ago.
She's so happy, she looks good....we see her via webcam and get to visit K. that way who is still trying to figure out how we got in the computer and how to get us out! That child we miss every moment of everyday....she is an absolute delight...our animals miss her too!
But Adriann is back where she wants to be and it took her nearly a year to get there. Our fingers are crossed for her continuing improvement...she is still on an oral chemo for several more months, but she has gotten off some other medications and we hope she will gain more strenght and energy to keep up with the little one!!