Sunday, July 19, 2009

The big journey begins

April 24, 2009 A. went to the emergency room she had been nauseous most of the month but in the previous 5 days had not been able to keep anything down and she knew something was really wrong. She was admitted, her boyfriend was busy the next few days and due to lack of communication with him I asked a friend from Phoenix to go to Tucson and see how she thought A. was doing and if I needed to be there. She was there on Sat. and called and told me that she felt I should be go down. My home being in Montana and a 19 hour drive if I could go straight through...I made it in 22 1/2 hours leaving on Monday and arriving Tues. morning with a 2 1/2 hour rest in Flagstaff.
I found A. in a private room thank goodness because I had my bags and was moving in with her.
There was a window-seat type bench and it became my living quarters.
The doctors knew that Adriann had kidney issues but hadn't classified her as kidney failure yet however my friend said she felt she was. They thought the kidneys were in shock due to the vomiting and use of Ibuprofen which she had a prescription for 800 ml. 3 times a day for her pain from Elher's Danlos Syndrome. So they were giving her IV fluids, nausea medication and waiting....but to me if the kidneys weren't working and they were filling her with liters of fluid that weren't all coming out how could this help!!!??? But we waited. Some numbers started to improve and then overnight she got that nasty rash on her legs, elbows and torso (see posted photo)and then another night she got blood blisters on her feet and said it felt like her feet were on fire. Then yet another night her pinky finger and ring finger on her left hand went numb and were useless... Her team of doctors was growing to with each new thing. A skin biopsy was done and vasculitis was confirmed. Then the kidneys nose-dived and a biopsy was done on them and Wegener's Granulomatosis was confirmed......

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