Friday, August 7, 2009

Aetna Re-adusted!!!!!!!

Whew!!!!! Just got off the phone with Aetna and they re-adjusted and haven't sent out the new form yet!!!! But they paid the bill...which was actually 235,00.00+ that they originally said Adriann was resposible for!!!! We are now breathing easier!!!!!! Near collapse with relief!!! I guess I can take their name off the bad list!!

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  1. Hi, I happened across your site, I look forward to reading more... but something caught my attention and I thought I'd reply.... Do you know that most hospitals will let you apply for financial aide, even with insurance, and that they will actually discount your bill. When I was in the hospital recently they ended up discounting my bill 96 %. It can;t hurt to check... (O: Have a blessed week. Lori