Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little night crawler.....

I fear my grandaughter is going to be like need for an alarm clock... two nights waking up at the same time and a wonderful new habit is formed. So A. helped her out of bed tonight at her new wakeup time of 12:30 a.m. so she could come and get me to rock her again for awhile. So I've rocked her for a bit and then put her back in her bed and waallaa I have a little computer time..I wonder how many nights in a row this will go on. At least I've been going to bed the last few nights a little earlier in anticipation of this so I get a nap before she's ready to get up.
I actually think it's her tummy waking her...her food intake is changing to real stuff now and she doesn't chew it well so I think her digestion is the issue....I'll have to start her on some enzymes to help that process!!!
So I haven't mentioned yet the arrival of our newest granddaughter...
Our eldest son C. and his wife L. have a new little beauty who arrived just a couple weeks ago! We had hoped our house would have sold long before now...we had planned to be closer to them so we could help with'll happen when the time is right. Unbelieveable that we haven't gotten to see her but that first day!!! Chomping at the bit to get back but it's not easy with A.'s schedule I'm hoping that a friend can help out this week with a Missoula run so R. can go with Mac and me and we can enjoy a day of visiting and photos of the new family treasure!

Today I had a little sit-down chat with A. and told, yes told her that she has to move more, that she wouldn't get away with not exercising if she were in a rehab. center that it would be part of her daily schedule and conveniently we have a treadmill right downstairs so there's no reason she can't walk every day...starting slowly and building up! That walking will no doubt make her back hurt more for a bit as it gets used to the change but will feel better in the long run! That it has been easier for us not to say anything and thus avoid the dreaded 'stink eye' than confront the issue until now but it's too important to avoid...and went on to say that she'll have to start taking over the mom roll with Mac instead of having me do it all......I'm sure it wasn't what she wanted to hear and she'll have to mull it over...did she walk take a little walk today....noooooo but maybe tomorrow! She was out of bed a bit more today...of course I stripped her bed and washed the sheets that took awhile!
Well time to go peek and see if Mac is least she's quiet about it!!!

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