Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another day another dollar

Zippity doo da.... A.'s hospital bill is up to $700,000.00 and climbing how high will it go.....who knows!!! Go insurance!!! Fingers crossed and awaiting the outcome!
So here's the scoop: A benefit is planned for Adriann on Sept. 5th starting at noon in Washoe Park, Anaconda MT. A horseshoe tournament is the main event....2 member teams and cost per team is $30.00 There will also be a picnic and volleyball and a $5.00 donation is asked for that. Teams must be signed up by 8/27....no time to waste! You don't even have to play..just come join the fun there will also be a silent auction with fabulous items!!!! No kidding really fabulous!!! Call Alexis @560-1795 or Joan @ 560-0899

Today I actually got to go to work for a little while...wax on wax off a little facial hair tinted some brows and lashes.....gotta love it!!!! Nothing like ripping off someone elses hair to relax!!!!

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  1. Work? and you didn't call me? LoL. Loving the pictures. So glad to see you are blogging. such a creat outlet for your creative talent. Blessings on you this day.