Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recovery is a long slow road!

Adriann's blood sugar issues are improving as the prednisone is tapered down. She is down to 15 mg. a day now and only needs insulin about once a day instead of 4 times. She was really looking forward to that. I think she thought she'd really perk up with that change but she hasn't. She is tired of dialysis we drive 660 miles a week for her 3 sessions MWF we have to go to Missoula so the docs can closely monitor her. Since she can't have heparin, she was constantly clotting the machines..once or twice a session and the sometimes even 3. If that wasn't frustrating!!! Now she's on Coumadin (sp) and the sessions are finally going better, however it's still a really long day. On a regular dialysis day we leave our house around 11:00a.m. and get home around 7p.m. when we have another doc appointment or Coumadin clinic (which is once or twice a week) we have to leave around 9:00 am and still get home around 7. Her baby and I take her 2 days a week and 1 day R. takes her over so Mac and I can have a day at home, Mac needs a few days in a row without being stuck in the car...she's a trooper though! Her favorite movie is 'Bolt' and she watches it over and back unless she's napping! There's no more sitting with A. in dialysis for me...I have to keep Mac entertained for the day!
So needless to say A. is sick of all the traveling...on her off days, she usually stays in bed, encouraging her to get up and exercise is a trick. She sleeps, reads, and eats....repeats.... no energy. I suggest she gets up and walks a little outside with Mac while the weather is still good but it's a struggle. I've told her she has to be in good shape for the kidney transplant...I'm sure she'll need one...her urine output is decreasing. Maybe a re-adjustment of some of the meds will be helpful. She's never been one to have a ton of energy but she needs to try a little harder for her daughter in my book....she's going to have to be the mom again one of these days. I use my YL oils on her, but don't see much of an attitude difference....(I do see very swift improvement using them when she's feeling a sniffle coming on though...I can nip that right in the bud with the oils applied topically.)
I'm sure it's frustrating for her to watch Mac come to me for everything but I'm where the action is and she's a busy girl!!
The doc hopes that she can start dialysis at a center just 25 miles away from us in the next month or fingers are crossed! Then I could work a few hours in the salon on those days!
I'm freaking out over my bills and not working. I'm up a lot a night stewing on how to earn money! I'll have to either take Mac to work with me or find someone to watch her for a few hours. I can't do a daycare because A. is still on chemo and has a low white cell count and we can't risk her catching something....with all the bugs floating around, daycare is a prime spot for little ones to spread illness and we can't risk Mac being exposed and bringing it home to A. the oils do great but we don't want to have more exposure than we have now...We use Thieves Spray on grocery carts etc. but I can't keep Mac in a Thieves bubble so less exposure is better! My to earn money through this....I'm trying to get hired as A. home health worker but don't know if I waiting for an answer on that. niece and I are going to publish a book on using essential oils for animals....I've had most of it ready for several years and now she and I are putting it together for real. Hopefully it'll sell!
Then we've pulled out one of my children's stories and have dusted it off and will see about publishing that one. My niece did her own book 'Step by Step Guide to Teaching a Miniature Horse to Drive' Scroll down to 'my favorites' you can click on it....she did fantastic with that book so she's taking on my books with me. It would be awesome for her to get her own little publishing place going!
Bills can either drown you or put you into creative thinking mode...I vote for creative thinking. The wait is still scary but I keep believing it's all going to work out.
That's all for tonight folks.

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