Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She was heavily medicated and would hallucinate which was interesting...once she was saying, "It's hurtful, it's hurtful" and when I asked her what was she said, "The pettycoat" I asked her what color it was and she said it was 'burnt orange' I replied that, that was a pretty color and she said, "Not on you!" She also informed me that I needed to get off the counter to which I assured her I would....I can only hope in her mind I was looking very cool.. like doing the coyote ugly dancing on the bar counter.....probably not though. She doesn't remember very much of her time in the hospital. I on the other hand am the memory keeper of it!
My sister came down as we were nearing our time to leave and stayed 2 weeks as we prepared Adriann to come home to Montana to continue her recovery. So the both of us slept in the hospital room with Adriann! I'm sure the staff thought we were odd but there was no getting rid of us!!! The first day my sis was there I left for the day and she stayed with Adriann. I took the baby for a day of play... When I returned later it was to discover Adriann terribly ill with a violent headache, pain and nausea out of control. I was to discover the morning nurse had not given Adriann any of her meds that morning since she was hurried out to dialysis by 8 am so the nurse unsure whether she should have her meds before didn't give them and didn't follow up when Adriann was back in the room in-between other tests. At 7 pm the nurse came in and said she still had Adriann's 7:00 am meds in her pocket...well you can imagine I freaked out! No wonder Adriann was sick!!! She hadn't gotten her prednisone which was still in the very high dose stage or anything else and her body was going nuts!!! I told the nurse she always had her meds in the morning before dialysis and by that time the nurse was pulling them out of her pocket and I was telling her which ones Adriann needed immediately!!!! Maybe within a half hour Adriann was free of all the pain again...good grief a day of torture all because the nurse forgot to give her the medicine!!! Let me tell you...that didn't happen again!! My sis didn't know the nurse had forgotten... all she knew was that Adriann was scary sick and how were we going to take care of her at home! We have not had a problem like that again!

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  1. Sara, I am so glad to find others who appreciate life and are fighting for it! If you are online sometime check out this site
    it seems to be pretty up to date and resourceful for families with WG.
    Blessings to you!!!